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Villa Mare d’Argentu

Hôtel*** La Solenzara

Qui principia a Corsica suttana
The south start here

Une maison de famille…

Une maison de bord de mer…

Un environnement de tranquilité…

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The Hotel

In the heart of the seaside resort of Solenzara, “La Solenzara” is a charming hotel installed principally in an authentic Genoese 18th century residence and its outbuildings surrounded by a pleasant garden near the sea and the mountain of Bavella (33kms) Corsica.

The pool overhanging the sea invites relaxation; lounge in the comfortable deck-chairs or take a few long refreshing dips. A well-being area is at your disposal.


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Hotel History

The history of this house is above all the Lucchini family’s adventure who, in 1950, acquired this 18th century Genoese palace and its outbuildings. The idea was to transform it into a hotel or, more precisely, a house where guests/customers would be received as friends.

In 1977, their son Jean and his wife Pierrette join them, followed by their daughters in 1993.

Together they will embellish, renovate, transform this house, never taking away its soul, its charm.

A beautiful/wonderful adventure that is not about to stop, the succession already being assured by one lovely man.

Our rooms and apparts

Wellness Space and RELAX

The wellness & beauty area offers a warm and colorful atmosphere.
All the year, our beauticians and reflexologist will receive you with care and discretion.
Switch from the heat of the hammam to the sweetness of our massages.
Using oils or “pochons”, our massages will bring you a real well-being!


Snacks in season near the pool.

Our partner villa

Capable of accommodating up to 10 people, Villa Mare d'Argentu is located 1.5km from the village center of Solenzara, in southern Corsica.

Holiday villa in Corsica. Promised in the sun and idleness, on the heights of Solenzara, the villa Mare d'argentu offers a panoramic view of the sea and the beaches of the Côte des Nacres.

Discover the region

Welcome to Hotel La Solenzara, your perfect starting point to explore the wonders of the Solenzara surroundings in Corsica. Located on the east coast of the "Island of Beauty," this charming establishment offers you a peaceful stay in the heart of unspoiled nature, nestled between majestic mountains and crystalline waters.

No matter the duration of your stay, the Solenzara surroundings promise you an unforgettable experience. Between the sea and the mountains, this region of Corsica will captivate you with its wild and pristine beauty. Return to Hotel La Solenzara in the evening to relax in the comfort of your room and exchange your day's memories with fellow travelers, all while looking forward to new adventures tomorrow. Enjoy your stay!